The cedar and its haven of peace

At the gates of the ancient Roman capital of Saintes, overlooking oaks, maples and other corm trees like a lighthouse watching over its land, appears our cedar of Lebanon, three hundred years old. This magnificent remarkable tree, in the process of classification and labeling, measures 6 meters in circumference at its base, 23 meters high and 26 meters wide. Deer love to linger under its majestic branches.

All around, on a 3.5 ha property with a so British landscaped garden, our haven of peace is enveloped in greenery and woods, fragrant flowers where rose meets jasmine, honeysuckle greets bignone, rosemary and lavender go together wonderfully.

Further on, an arabesque path crosses the natural meadow with wild orchids.

For a break, a weekend or a vacation in Charente-Maritime, enjoy the calm of the place and the grace of the old tree, stroll and let yourself be carried away ... The walk is beautiful.